Asbestos diagnosis

During decades, asbestos has been used in various applications, particularly in construction’s materials such as ; tile’s glue, windows joints, thermal and fire proof insulation, roof sheet (Eternit), false ceiling and many more. Asbestos, of a micrometric size, lives in tiny little fibers which are volatile and which can hold easely onto any kind of surfaces once the fibers are freed from their original support.

This is the main reason why it is very dangerous to work on asbestos on its own while doing ; sawing, drilling, grinding, scratching or braking. Under the effects from those actions, the fibers get’s free and end up laying on all surounding surfaces. It is important to specify that those fibers get easely back in suspension in the air while opening/closing a door or window as well as with the air stream when someone pass by.

Aware of the risks linked to an uncontrolled way to deal with asbestos issue on our work, Gomapro has made the choice to seriously get trained in asbestos diagnosis. Since 2014, we offer this specialized service.

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