Project management

Whatever your renovation project is, we are here to give a sens to your ideas!

What are the different stage to plan, in order to complete a renovation project?

Which contractors do I need?

How do I know if the quotes are appropriate and in relation to the works that need to be done?

In which order does the contractors works?

Are the works being done according to the state of the art?

How to ensure a perfect costs control?

So many crucial questions to be successful with your project…

We offer you:

Creation of a technical and financial file in order to get a credit plan with a bank.

Creation of a primary budget.

Creation of tenders according to all works to be done.

Analysis and validation of all quotes.

Renovation and building permit request.

Contracting of sub-contractors for all execution.

Budget and payments management.

Work supervision.

Coordination of works and contractors.

Works reception.

Interior design & deco

Interior architecture.